Conflicted Theatre & Clay Party present Fiji

‘…a very tender, if not sickening courtship and it is a pleasure to be an audience member’ – With in Her Words  ★★★★★

‘This play asks you to laugh at the point where the horrific meets the banal’ – The Spy In The Stalls  ★★★★★

“Dark, sinister & a lot of cleverly scripted macabre humour” – Theatre & Art Reviews  ★★★★

Broadway World  ★★★★
London Living Large  ★★★★

‘I’m offering you the chance to eat me alive. For who really wants it, a genuine victim.’

Nick and Sam have a date this weekend and if things go well it will be the first and last time they will ever see each other. You see Nick wants to eat Sam and Sam… Well, Sam really wants to be eaten. A bond that is gorgeous and gruesome in equal measure, a love that cannot be defined by sex or blood and a plan so appalling and pure it could never be acted on… until this weekend.
How far will two consenting men go to fulfill their desire? Inspired by the real-life meeting between Armin Meiwes and Bernd Brandes in Rotenburg, Germany – Fiji is set in modern day South London and offers a unique investigation on what is a slightly more than taboo get-together.
Winner of the Pleasance Future Award 2018, Clay Party team up with the “vividly stark” Conflicted Theatre to tell the most unorthodox of love stories. Fiji is a new play written by Pedro Leandro, Edward Stone and Evan Lordan.
Fiji Promo Image

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